At Pearson Workforce Education, our goal is to help job-seekers improve their skill- sets and training credentials with instructor led or self-paced, online courses so that they may enter, re-enter, or advance in the workforce as qualified employees.

Over the past several decades, our economy's shift from a manufacturing economy to an information society has placed increasing pressure on the workforce to improve its skills.

In the United States there are currently 4 million job openings, and a reported 14 million unemployed.*


53% of surveyed employers say their companies face a significant challenge in recruiting managerial employees with the necessary skills and training.*

77% of employees see continuing education as vitally important for career success.*
88% of employers believe education is critical to ensuring workers have the competencies necessary to advance.*


* 2011 survey, "Life in the 21st and Century Workforce: A National Perspective", US Chamber of Commerce and The University of Phoenix

We understand quality workforce education training must be available, affordable, and convenient to better enable people to move forward in their careers.

Pearson Workforce Education offers 70+ instructor led and self-paced online courses to build engaging and successful workforce education programs. Using real-time labor data from Burning Glass Technologies, we can help you build programs across a variety of disciplines to meet the unique needs of your local workforce, institution, or organization – giving you the flexibility to run programs that maximize training opportunities for your students and employees.