At Pearson, we recognize that your students want the best that you can offer – a high-quality education with well- designed and researched content and programs that take into account a variety of life stages and experiences, ways of learning, and need for accessibility. It's out ability to deliver on every aspect of workforce education that makes our approach successful for students and your institution.



Our workforce education programs are designed to provide a personalized pathway to employment for every student. Real-time labor data ensures your programs meet the needs of your local job market. Pearson partners with academic institutions around the country to ensure each student is trained to perform their current or future job more effectively and efficiently.


It's challenging for most adult learners to put their lives on hold to go to school. That's why Pearson Workforce Education works with academic institutions to provide self-paced or online programs allowing students to learn in ways that are the most convenient.

Best Practices

Pearson is committed to delivering educational best practices every time we partner with an institution. Our powerful learning analytics and integrated systems give us the data necessary to constantly improve our solutions.

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