Pearson provides resources to help you engage with students and the local community around your workforce education program. From offering enhanced support services to students and technical assistance, to discovering more about local job demands and finding qualified instructors to lead your courses, working with Pearson will ensure your workforce education programs are complete and engaging.


Dedicated Client Services Team

Our team of dedicated client services representatives is with you during every step of the building, execution, and maintenance of your workforce education program. Working to make sure your programs come together and operate seamlessly is key as you create new learning opportunities for the students in your community.

Real-Time Labor Data

Pearson Workforce Education partners with Burning Glass Technologies to provide real-time labor data to determine the in-demand careers in your specific region. Using a database of over 7 million current job listings, skills lists, and educational criteria, we can help you choose what courses to offer based on the needs of your local community.

Learner Community

Learner Community is our premium learning management system that provides you the control to manage your own reporting and enroll your own students from an administrator dashboard. This platform uses gating to encourage content mastery and provides a guided learning experience for students.

Find Instructors

With Pearson Workforce Education, you can use your own instructors or explore your options by utilizing the 45-day free access to SmarterFaculty's database. Explore SmarterFaculty to find the perfect instructors for your program and individual courses.

Marketing Kits

Whether you're promoting a specific course, program, or economic sector to your students and community, we make your job simpler with custom marketing guides designed to maximize enrollments and better market the capabilities of your program.


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